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Welcome to Augie’s Sewer and Drain Cleaning! We can handle just about any drain situation and our record proves that. Augie’s is a family owned and operated business with our prices shown up front and are very competitive with the quality of service we provide. So, give us a call or email to set up your appointment!

New Ownership, Same Great Service!

As leaders in their respective industries, TJK Plumbing and Augie‘s Drain Cleaning have worked side-by-side for nearly eight years. Both companies have a strong reputation for quality and affordable services by top-notch professionals.

TJK Plumbing is thrilled and honored to welcome Augie’s Drain Cleaning customers.

Drain Cleaning Specials!

Main Sewer Lines $169 (first 1.5 hours)

All Small Drains $110 (1 hour)

Please note, no coupons valid with this current special!

Schedule Service Today!

Email us at augiesdrain@tjkplumbinginc.com or call 763-425-9461

A Note from Augie

Dear friends:

After 13 years of owning a business and also serving in the Military at the same time, I decided to sell Augie‘s Drain Cleaning to TJK Plumbing.

My first and foremost consideration was that excellent service and integrity would be maintained and that Augie‘s would grow to the next level of achievement within the industry.

I started Augie‘s out with virtually no money and a small kitchen machine and a 1/4″ drill. I had 4 kids and a wife at home and eventually had 3 more kids along the way. It has grown to a respectable level and I set the standard high with doing the job core they while being reasonably priced.

TJK Plumbing is family owned and I have known them for the past 8 years. They provide great service and will treat each and everyone of you with the same high standard that I did. I thank all of you for your patronage and for allowing me to support my family over the past 13 years while owning Augie‘s Drain Cleaning. I’m off to another venture yet to be determined, but my sewer and drain cleaning days are over unless I get the “itch” to do so with TJK Plumbing in the future. Peace and thank you very much!